Daniel Gruenberg From Acquestra (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Develops Anti-EMS Shrimp Feed

In a news release dated June 19, 2013, Daniel Gruenberg, CEO of Acquestra (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (formerly Sea Garden Foods) and technical advisor to Sureerath Organic Products Co, Ltd., an organic shrimp farm and feed mill in Chantaburi, Thailand, announced a collaboration with a major prebiotic producer for the joint development of an anti-EMS feed!

Acquestra has an existing feed formula that seems to be showing anti-EMS activity in field tests that are ongoing.  The addition of a prebiotic to the existing formula, a prebiotic that shows clear anti-Vibrio and anti-oxidant activity, should add a synergistic effect to the new feed.  Gruenberg says, “This will further bolster our position in the anti-EMS feed space.  Our feed formula attacks EMS pathology on multiple, synergistic levels.”

Gruenberg continues: “The new feed formulation is complete, and initial batches will be prepared in the coming days.  We are not just a feed mill or additive company; we are active shrimp farmers that have been dealing with EMS since the outbreak hit late last year.  That puts us in a unique position to test and observe results from this new formula.  We have seen sub-clinical signs of EMS that other farms may not be able to detect.  We know how to purposely ‘push’ the shrimp to show EMS symptoms.  This gives us a powerful tool to test the new feed formula.”

“In addition, to our field trials, the feed is scheduled to be tested in professional academic laboratories to confirm whether it can help ward off EMS in a controlled environment.”

“As organically certified farmers, we are acutely aware of the need for a safe, environmental and an effective solution for EMS.  In the coming weeks, we will keep the shrimp farming community updated on the progress of our trials and results.” [READ MORE]


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